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barre. POWERbarre. YOGAbarre. STRETCHbarre.

Forget most of what you think you know about fitness. Forget overcrowded sweaty spinning classes. Forget the monotony of exercise machines. Forget unpredictable fitness classes that too often miss the mark.

barre. is a whole-body approach to fitness that largely pits you against gravity. It’s a nuanced yet intense workout encompassing every one of your muscle groups—working in perfect concert with your brain.

A long, lean, beautiful, confident you is waiting to be re-discovered. Through a multi-disciplined routine you’ll soon find yourself planning your day around.

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  • stretchbarre. is 1 hour and 15 minutes of bliss. It is intensive, yet soothing and relaxing for mind and body. I look forward to it, enjoy it thoroughly, and always feel wonderful inside and out after class (immediately looking forward to my next stretchbarre. class with Nanda).

    Barbara Richmond

  • Now I can take barre. classes several times a week and get as good – and safer – a workout as I used to with powerlifting and TRX.


  • I can’t think of a better way to spend 60 minutes – sometimes I want more. Nothing gets in the way of my weekday barre.


  • I love the total toning workout of barre. …and that I walk away feeling good about myself, and wanting to come back for more!


  • If you want to really treat yourself on Sunday mornings come to Nanda’s stretchbarre. class at barre.’s new location on South Caroline Street in Harbor East. After warm ups and toning arms and butt exercises, the rest of the class is devoted to delicious stretches that center you in your own body. Through her gentle guidance, breath-work and yummy assisted stretches, Nanda provides 75 minutes of YOU time, perfect for preparing and nurturing you to begin your hectic weekly schedule once again. If your usual exercise routine includes strengthening and cardio work, this stretch class is a perfect complement to create a well-rounded physical health plan that also incorporates mindful stress reduction. Highly recommended!

    Dr. Renee Levi

  • barre. is always changing so you’re never bored, unlike the gym where it is the same routine every time. I’ve learned that little moves are best, and that, when it burns, my body’s changing.


  • I was bored with traditional conditioning and weight training. barre. challenges all my muscle groups in every class – without heavy weights, using small, intense moves. I love the energy and support I get. I hate the burn, but it works!


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