Now I can take barre. classes several times a week and get as good – and safer – a workout as I used to with powerlifting and TRX.


I can’t think of a better way to spend 60 minutes – sometimes I want more. Nothing gets in the way of my weekday barre.


I love the total toning workout of barre. …and that I walk away feeling good about myself, and wanting to come back for more!


barre. is always changing so you’re never bored, unlike the gym where it is the same routine every time. I’ve learned that little moves are best, and that, when it burns, my body’s changing.


I was bored with traditional conditioning and weight training. barre. challenges all my muscle groups in every class – without heavy weights, using small, intense moves. I love the energy and support I get. I hate the burn, but it works!


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